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You deserve to de-stress and relax while relieving chronic pain and promoting overall health. Massage not only relaxes the body, but also calms the mind while it uplifts and renews the spirit. It is not only wonderful for melting away stress, but in the hands of a licensed and certified massage therapist you can also alleviate those chronic areas of pain that keep you from fully enjoying life.

A very calming and relaxing massage that will destress your entire body.
30 Minutes | $50
60 Minutes | $80
90 Minutes | $120
A therapeutic or Swedish massage with the addition of essential oils and hot facial towels. An amazing experience for the senses.
30 Minutes | $65
60 Minutes | $95
90 Minutes | $135

A therapeutic or Swedish massage specifically designed to address uncomfortable areas due to pregnancy. Special care is taken to make sure the mother-to-be is very comfortable during the session.
30 Minutes | $60
60 Minutes | $90
90 Minutes | $135

Hydrotherapy Massage
A therapeutic massage with the addition of moist heat in areas of discomfort.
30 Minutes | $60
60 Minutes | $90
90 Minutes | $130

A session devoted completely to your feet, while benefiting your entire body. An ancient practice of massaging points on the feet that correspond to different parts of your body. Extremely therapeutic and wonderfully relaxing.
30 Minutes | $50
60 Minutes | $85

Deep Tissue or Sports Massage
Intense techniques used to help release chronic muscle tension and discomfort. Slower strokes and direct friction applied with greater pressure to target deeper layers of tissue. Stretching is integrated as needed
30 Minutes | $75
60 Minutes | $120

A full body or area-specific massage concentrating on any problem spots.
30 Minutes | $50
60 Minutes | $80
90 Minutes | $120

Couples Massage or Same Room Massage
Share your Swedish or Therapeutic Massage with a friend or loved one. You'll be in one room and each of you will have your own therapist to take excellent care of you.
30 Minutes | $125
60 Minutes | $185
90 Minutes | $265

Hot Stone
Hot stones from Europe are heated and expertly placed on your body. The heat deeply penetrates the muscles, relaxing and relieving stress, while the stones pull out the negative energy stored in your body. A special treatment incorporated into your Swedish massage. 
75 Minutes | $120

Body, Mind, & Spirit Massage
An amazing combination of Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Reflexology. The ultimate in relaxation!
90 Minutes | $145

Muscular Detox
A therapeutic massage addressing sore muscles and knots to bring more circulation and oxygen to the area. Then a session in the sauna to further these benefits and to sweat out the toxins that have been released by the massage.
30 Minutes | $75
60 Minutes | $105
90 Minutes | $145

 6515 Main St, Suite 4A (lower level)
Trumbull, CT 06611

(203) 929-1002

All our services are by appointment only. Please call us to reserve your space.

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